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Since our inception, Kalani Marketing
has been totally focused on providing strategic and tailor-made solutions for Education Clients.

We are a team of experienced consultants, who all come with a unique set of skills and professional background within education management, brand building, marketing and quality assurance. We are truly dedicated to the management of our projects and clients. Each one of us brings along a range of fresh innovative ideas, creative skills and the ability to literally think "out of the box".

Our Tri-Fold Advantage


  • Kalani's specialisation in education and creative media industries is unique. We are the market leaders.

  • Kalani specialises on SMEs providing dedicated and personalised cost-effective solutions.

  • Kalani offers a diverse range of services to our customers.

The Founder & Principal Consultant

Kalani was setup and managed by Anna C. Mallon, a leader in marketing and education management. Starting her career as Marketing Manager, she was soon promoted to General Manager and Director of the SAE Institute where she oversaw the institutes across Europe and Asia for more than six years. This was made easy by Anna's fluency in five languages.

An excellent track record of managing and developing education businesses and commercial marketing projects as well as leading international branches and teams, sets Anna C.Mallon apart from other managers in the industry. With an excellent understanding of the Asian and European markets and extensive experience in branding, she is ideally placed to exploit the growth in the Asian economies.

Her business acumen includes first hand experience in directing financial, operational, local and international marketing, public relations, sales and partnership development teams. Anna has been providing support to top management through development of strategic marketing and business plans and has set up key partnerships between companies in the digital media and education industries.

Anna C Mallon, Singapore, Education Leadership
Anna C Mallon
Principal Consultant
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